Bikes not Bombs 2020

On July 16th 1945 at 5:29 am as part of the Manhattan Project the Trinity test was conducted. This was the very first detonation of a Nuclear Device, happening in what is now White Sands New Mexico. Also seventy-five years ago the federal government quietly took over 60,000 acres nestled in the ridges of East Tennessee. It was the beginning of Oak Ridge: a city cloaked in secrecy that tens of thousands of people flocked to during World War II, most unknowingly helping to build the world’s first atomic bomb.

21 days after the Trinity test on August 6th at 8:15 in the morning the United States dropped the first atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima, three days later on August 9th the second bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki. 

75 years later we are still feeling the effects from these events weather itโ€™s the issue of mining, transporting, processing, waist or the development of new more destructive weapons.

So in remembrance of everyone and everything that has been affected by the nuclear industry past, present and future and to discuss our future around this industry we will cycle from White Sands New Mexico where the Trinity test took place and finish at the Y12 Nuclear research facility in Oak Ridge TN where we still are producing Nuclear Weapons. Visiting people from every community we stay in and at the end participating in the Name and Remembrance ceremony on August 6th and the Lantern ceremony on August 9th being organized by The Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance.

So come and join us for a day or two, a week or the entire 50 days!

Do you live in one of the areas we are cycling to? Want to set up a community meeting? Please check out the list of overnights and dates below we can always use a place to stay.

Planning to join us? Click here to view what you should be prepared for.

June 19th White Sands NM to Tularosa NM – 30.6 miles
June 20th Tularosa NM to Ruidoso Downs – 34.8
June 21st Ruidoso Downs NM to Picacho NM – 30.6
June 22nd Picacho NM to Roswell NM – 39.1
June 23rd Rest Day ๐Ÿ™‚
June 24th Roswell NM to Mescalero Sands North Dune OHV Area – 38 miles
June 25th Mescalero Sands North Dune OHV Area to Tatum NM – 34.5
June 26th – Tatum NM to Brownfield TX – 62.2
June 27th – Brownfield TX to Lubbock TX – 40.9
June 28th – Lubbock TX to Crosbyton TX – 38 miles
June 29th – Rest Day
June 30th – Crosbyton TX to Guthrie TX – 55.6 miles
July 1st – Guthrie TX to Benjamin TX – 32.7 miles
July 2nd – Benjamin TX to Seymour TX – 31.7 miles
July 3rd – Seymour TX Archer City TX – 37.9 miles
July 4th – Archer City TX to Bowie TX – 45.7 miles
July 5th – Rest day
July 6th – Bowie TX to Gainsville TX – 47 miles
July 7th – Gainsville TX to Sherman TX – 34.2 miles
July 8th – Sherman TX to Windom TX 36.8 miles
July 9th – Windom TX to Paris TX – 31.8 miles
July 10th – Paris TX to Clarksville TX – 31.2 miles
July 11th – Clarksville TX to New Boston TX – 39.5 miles
July 12th – Rest Day
July 13th – New Boston TX to Texarkana TX – 21.7 miles
July 14th – Texarkana TX to Hope AR – 33.1 miles
July 15th – Hope AR to Gurdon AR – 32.5
July 16th – Gurdon AR to Donaldson AR – 29.9 miles
July 17th – Donaldson AR to Benton AR – 34.6 miles
July 18th – Rest Day
July 19th – Benton AR to Little Rock AR – 28 miles
July 20th – Little Rock AR to De Valls Bluff AR – 52.9 miles
July 21st – De Valls Bluff AR to Palestine AR – 36 miles
July 22nd – Palestine AR to Madison AR – 13.2 miles
July 23rd – Madison AR to Memphis TN – 44 miles
July 24th – Rest Day
July 25th – Memphis TN to Gallaway TN 33.4 miles
July 26th – Gallaway TN to Brownsville TN – 32.9 miles
July 27th – Brownsville TN to Milan TN – 41.8 miles
July 28th – Milan TN to Camden TN – 41.4 miles
July 29th – Camden TN to Dickson TN – 48.2 miles
July 30th – Rest Day
July 31st – Dickson TN to Nashville TN – 41 miles
August 1st – Nashville TN to Lebanon TN – 32.3 miles
August 2nd – Lebanon TN to Chestnut Mound TN – 30.6 miles
August 3rd – Chestnut Mound TN to Monterey TN – 37.3 miles
August 4th – Monterey TN to Deer Lodge TN – 33 miles
August 5th – Deer Lodge TN to Oak Ridge TN – 36.2 miles
August 6th – ceremony at Y12

We will provide a plce to stay through the August 9th
Lantuer ceremony.