Stop the New Nuclear Arms Race Conference

Dear Friend of Footprints for Peace,

We are inviting you to join us in Maryville, Tennessee for the international Stop the New Nuclear Arms Race Conference this May 22-25.

The Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance is hosting us for Memorial Day weekend along with Nuclear Resister and Nukewatch to develop ways to collaborate globally to advance the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and achieve nuclear abolition. There will be strategy sessions, panel presentations, music, and opportunities for networking, training, protest, action, and cake.

STOP THE NEW NUCLEAR ARMS RACE will bring together activists from around the world to talk about how we can use the tools available to us—the Treaty, the work of Don’t Bank on the Bomb, the merging voices of faith communities, resistance efforts at weapons sites, localized nuclear-free-cities efforts, ICAN’s report on University ties to nuclear weapons production, Back from the Brink, direct actions at military bases, and more—in collaborations that are mutually supportive and effective. For more information:


We expect to provide a limited number of Next Generation scholarships (age 18-30). Contact OREPA at for information.


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