Welcome to 2020 Bikes Not Bombs.

Here’s what to expect when you participate (The bike rides that FootPrints for Peace organize are very different from our walking and running events.)

Be prepared for there to be no support vehicle. Support vehicles come and go on the bike rides so please come prepared to carry all your own gear and most days we will be carrying food as well for lunches.

At night we will be staying with other cyclists, churches, or in campgrounds. On the nights we stay with communities we usually have a pot luck meal with them. Other days we will be relying solely on ourselves. That can mean on top of carrying gear we will have to be prepared to carry our food as well.

In the beginning of this year’s ride there are some very desolate areas so planning ahead will be very important. In some cases we may have to end up doing a little “wild camping”.

There is no fee to participate in this event but you will be responsible for your own expenses. This includes food, water and bike repairs. Campground fees will be divided up amongst us or we will all take turns purchasing necessary items.

We ride at our own pace reconnecting during breaks and at lunch.

Recommended gear to bring:

One Person Tent
Sleeping Bag
Bed Roll (sleeping pad)
Travel Towel
Tooth Brush
Tooth Paste
Hair Brush/Comb
Bike Clothes
Something to wear after riding
Something to wear to bed
Sun Screen
Spare inner tube
Bike tools